The Kate Carmichael Stillbirth Program sees each baby and each family's story as building blocks in our search for ways to decrease the incidence of stillbirth and support those whom stillbirth touches.

Kate Cares was created to promote stillbirth services for the people of Indiana, and was inspired by our second child, Katherine Jean (“Kate”) Carmichael, who was unexpectedly born still on January 20, 2003 at 38 weeks gestation.

The Kate Carmichael Stillbirth Program strives to support families experiencing stillbirth by…
Helping to understand why their baby was stillborn, the chance of stillbirth happening again and what can be done to help future pregnancies.
Connecting families to medical and social support resources.
Educating the general public and professionals about the needs of families experiencing stillbirth and creating opportunities for their involvement.
Increasing the understanding of stillbirth and its effects to help other families.
Providing a framework to search for ways to prevent stillbirth.
Kate Carmichael Stillbirth Program is guided by the core values that…
Every baby is valued and treated with respect and dignity.
All families deserve the opportunity to explore why their baby was stillborn.
The grieving process is unique for each family and every person.
Achieving our vision requires the collaboration of professionals, families and others who have been touched by stillbirth.
Any stillbirth is one too many for those who experience such a loss.